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Book Reviews

How to Become Financially Free – review by John at ESI Money | USA

Financial Freedom and the Value of Time – guest post with notes from J.D. Roth at Get Rich Slowly | USA

Book Review: Financial Freedom – review by FIRECracker and Wanderer at Millennial Revolution | Canada

I never expected to breeze through a 352-page Finance tome at 10,000 feet in the air, but two days ago, it happened.

Behind the Scenes of the Financial Freedom Book – review by Cody at Fly to FI | USA

If you feel financially stuck and need guidance, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Financial Freedom. This book paves the road to financial success in the most digestible form possible. Financial freedom is not a liberty reserved for the elite; it’s possible for anyone.

Financial Freedom For Millennials – review by Leif at Physician on FIRE | USA

The author does a great job summarizing the most salient points. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a concise recap of the top seven to nine lessons with two to three sentences each.

Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier – review by Josh at Money Buffalo | USA

He doesn’t tell you to quit your 9-5 and become self-employed, stop drinking coffee, or sell your firstborn to reach your financial freedom number. The overall theme is: money is limitless and time isn’t. So, maximize your time.

Grant Sabatier’s Financial Freedom – review by Laura at Every Day by the Lake | USA

Grant’s writing style is conversational and approachable. You feel like you’re having a beer with him, rather than reading some dry finance book.

Financial Freedom Book – review by the Flawed Consumer | Australia

Financial Freedom is a fantastic resource to get you started on your journey. It outlines the steps required to achieve financial independence, from start to finish, in just over 300 pages.

Curator’s Corner, Volume 9: Financial Freedom – review by Riley at Young and the Invested | USA

Grant aims to dispel myths about money, namely that it’s complicated. He targets his advice in just the opposite way: his included math can be done by grade-schoolers and doesn’t require financial genius to pull off.

Book Review and Notes: Financial Freedom – review by Catherine and Anna at Sisters for FI | USA

The one thing about this book that really stands out is the fact that it is current to the times and it comes from a place of abundance instead of scarcity.

A Blueprint for Winning with Money – review by Matt at Spills Spot | USA

This is much more than your typical money book. Grant focuses on mindset, getting the most value for your time, career growth, investing early and often, side hustles, and many other key themes.

Financial Freedom Book – review by Halt Catch FIRE | Serbia

The relationship between time and money should not be linear. We should learn the “enterprise mindset” and apply it to our finances. The sooner you can break that linearity the faster you can reach your financial goals.

Book Review: Financial Freedom – review by Rachel at Adventures in Mobile Homes

The book is designed to start making you think about the concept of financial freedom. It shows you different paths you can take to get there. Not just as an investor but also as an employee while you work to get to your goals.

A Must-Read in Your Early 20s – review by Dan at Early 20s Money

Financial Freedom changed not only how I view money, but also how I value time.

Financial Freedom – review by Nicole at The Billfold

I get a lot of advance copies of personal finance books, and some of them I kind of skim through, but when I got Financial Freedom I read the whole thing in full and then spent most of a Saturday reading the whole thing again, and this time doing all the exercises.

RockStar Finance – Chapter By Chapter Book Review

Chapter 1Money is Freedom: How I Went from $2.26 to $1 Million in Five Years – chapter review by Aaron at Personal Finance for Beginners | USA

“In Financial Freedom, Grant lays out seven financial independence steps that will help you get started on your path toward the abundant and prosperous lifestyle of your dreams.”

Chapter 2Time is More Valuable Than Money: Why You Can and Should “Retire” Early – chapter review by Michael at Your Money Geek | USA

“What is excellent about Financial Freedom is Grant chooses to focus on increasing income instead of extreme frugality. Extreme frugality is great. However, it’s a hard sell, especially if you’re not making a lot of money.”

Chapter 3: What’s Your Number? – chapter review by Adam at Minafi | USA

“What I connect most with from Financial Freedom is the idea that the future is flexible. If you over-save and stow away far more than you’ll ever need, there’s an opportunity cost associated with it. That’s time that you’re not spending following your passions.”

Chapter 4Where Are You Now? Getting Clarity on Your Finances – chapter review by Jerry at Peerless Money Mentor | USA

“While some personal finance books can be a bit preachy at times, Grant refrains from judging you. Instead, he shows you how the purchasing decisions you make today impact your financial future. Unlike a lot of personal finance books that focus on extreme frugality, the main focus of this book is to teach you how to maximize your income.”

Chapter 5Next-Level Money: How to Build Wealth Quickly – chapter review by Lily at Merry for Money | USA

“Financial Freedom sets by example but it is not a memoir book. This book is not about Grant or his journey to financial freedom; it’s about giving the reader everything they need to reach financial freedom themselves.”

Chapter 6Is It Worth It? 11 Ways to Think About Money Before You Buy Anything – chapter review by The CFO at Chief Money Man | Europe

“He equates spending money to trading off your freedom. The longer you are tied to a job, the longer you will be chained down and not really free. The quest to become financially free requires one to think about spending in a whole new light.”

Chapter 7The Only Budget You’ll Ever Need: How to Live for Free and Increase Your Savings Rate at Least 25%  – chapter review by Fred at Money With a Purpose | USA

“If you’re looking for a “how to” book that can help you move closer to your financial goals, consider Financial Freedom, A Proven Path to All of the Money You’ll Ever Need.”

Chapter 8Hack Your 9-to-5: Use Your Full-Time Job as a Launching Pad to Freedom – chapter review by Mike at Miked Up Blog | USA

Earning more money from your employer is an art form, but as Grant illustrates – it’s not the incredibly uncomfortable situation many of us assume it to be. Like most things – just make calculated decisions, then move forward.

Chapter 9More Money In Less Time: How to Start a Profitable Side Hustle – chapter review by Chris at Financially Well Off | USA

From this book, you’ll get down-to-earth advice from someone who knows how it feels to be in a financial mess. And, you’ll become inspired along the way.

Chapter 10The Seven-Step Fast Track Investment Strategy: Accelerate Your Moneymaking Money! – chapter review by Steven at The FIRE Lane | USA

Grant Sabatier’s new step-by-step Money book, Financial Freedom, is a guide book on the path to financial independence. The financial advice contained within its pages will reach wide audiences. The book’s merits extend from those starting out in their financial journey to the seasoned financial veteran. Literally, there is something here for everyone.

Chapter 11Real Estate Investing: How to Turn $10,000 into Millions Using Other’s Money – chapter review by Thomas at The City for Millennials | USA

Chapter 11 details exactly how you can build wealth from real-estate by either buying and selling (flipping) or buying and holding.

Chapter 12More Than Enough: How to Live Off Your Investments for the Rest of Your Life – chapter review by Tran and QL at Smarty Money and Travel | USA

Overall, we found the chapter (and the book) to be a nice, easy to comprehend overview of the early retirement concept. Early retirement is great in theory, but the question about how to fund it yearly is rarely addressed in an easy to understand manner.

Chapter 13The Future Optimization Framework: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Habits – chapter review by Scott at Making Momentum | Canada

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Chapter 14Living a Richer Life: A Path to Financial Independence – chapter review by Financial Velociraptor | USA

Chapter 14 is about living a richer life.  It is the “why” of the whole book and to me the most interesting chapter.